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It's hard to recruit Gen Z.

Gen Z job seekers want more than just a careers page. They want to learn about the culture, the people, and understand what it's really like to work at a company. They need to see it to believe it.


Short-form videos

Top employers are now using short-form videos to help Gen Z learn what it's really like to work at their company. It's no surprise, given that the average Gen Z'er watches 50,000 videos per year.

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Why jobby?

We know Gen Z because we are Gen Z. Our founders have hired 1,000+ Gen Z'ers, landed a Dragon's Den deal for our Gen Z startup, and spoken about Gen Z on CBC, The Toronto Star, and a TED Talk.

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Jobby makes eye-popping short-form videos for top employers like Scotiabank and Quadreal. Our candid, authentic style deeply resonates with Gen Z job seekers.

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